Monday, 28 February 2011

Confessions of a Journophobic

I would sooner say to people that I am training to become a writer, a producer, a presenter, an editor; all of the above rather than a journalist.
Why? Because people hate journalists; they are widely considered as not to be trusted.
A day or two ago I saw a news story detailing a new job vacancy at Buckingham Palace; a £14,200 position as a dish-washer-upper to Her Majesty the Queen.
And my mind wandered off to indulge in the heavenly idea of a true life Cinderella story where the charming Prince Harry would fall head over heels in a star-crossed romance with me, the cleaner.
But before he could get down on one knee to slip a sizeable diamond onto my fourth finger, my blissful musings were interrupted with one terrible realisation: I’d probably never even get the job in the first place. My CV would likely be cast aside as soon as they saw I’d enrolled to become a journo, lest I turn out to be some devious undercover reporter.
And there I was - crushed, alone and robbed of my future happiness (and the throne, I might add); a hefty price to pay for my career choice.
So, back to plan A; the Multi Media course and my quest to be anything but the reason why journalists are so often said to be disliked.
I’ll humour the scepticism now because I’ve realised that it’s what I think about me in this industry that counts; and I know I won’t be the journalist I’m scared to be stereotyped as.
So to all the journalist-generalisers out there, rest assured: the only thing I’ll be tapping into is my own potential.

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