Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Us girls and our pearls

Coco Chanel oozes sophistication
[Image: fv911.onsugar.com]
“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous”
– a little pearl of wisdom from the iconic Coco Chanel.

And boy, did she know how to work those pearls.
From multiple layers to the simple single row, the fashion staple has outlived its earliest advocates to make it all the way here, into the 21st century, where it has been welcomed by an entire generation of nostalgic shoppers who regularly mine the vintage stores for their little pieces of fashion gold.
And yet its simplicity has also been embraced in the midst of forevermore daring styles and trends, in an era where the priority of ladylike dressing has been shoved somewhere in the back of the closet behind our bright lippy, crop tops and intentionally laddered tights.

The statement pearl necklace can be the ultimate accessory to almost any ensemble; encapsulating a classic feel with a modern, fashion twist whether it's teamed with a twinset, t-shirt or strapless dress.
Of course, some may see a downside to its mass commercialisation. What was once a simple sign of expensive taste is now ours for the taking from almost every store on the high-street.
But herein lies the pearls greatest achievement, the way it can accessorize every girl- from the grungey to the vintage girl; from the effortlessly pretty to the prim and proper.

Classiness – in fashion, anyway – hasn’t always stayed in style.
But fabulous-ness? That’s always this season’s must-have.   

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