Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The day that trousers walked back into my wardrobe

Who needs trousers outside of the office when there is a denim for every occasion?
I love a great fitting pair of jeans: in summer I strut about in a £15 high waisted pair from TK Maxx - with white strappy wedges from Next -  and come the colder months I love a great fitting skinny tucked into my ultimate shoe indulgence - high heeled brown leather boots courtesy of my first pay cheque at Barratts.
If I ever thought trousers, I thought work. Be it school or customer service, for years the only image this article of clothing has formed in my mind is one of unflattering practicality; dull and decidedly un-fashion-forward.
Then suddenly the chino snatched the fashion limelight from the old staple jeans and what followed was a national change of heart. I had resisted for weeks to follow the first unisex trend I had ever encountered, all the while becoming more immersed in a crowd of guys and girls in turn-ups and boat shoes.
Then came this pair. Like the insatiable sweet tooth that I am, I couldn’t resist the caramel brown in this silky evening-wear material. As a regular bargain hunter too, it was a treat to pick up such a quality piece from Oasis at more than 50% off, and a delight to slip sweetly into a size 10 for a change. I can't help thinking it was meant to be...

Top: £8.99 New Look, Trousers: £18 Oasis (Sale), Shoes: £25 New Look, Aviators: £4 New Look (Sale)

I went shopping looking for a summer jacket and returned home realising that it is always a good sign coming back with something completely irrelevant, if it’s equalled by how much you look forward to wearing it.

Teamed with a simple but statement top from New Look, nude leather heels and old-school Aviators, this is a great day time look that I’d happily swap my skinnies for.

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Jessica said...

This is too cute, love it xxx